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We don't just want to count our blessings we want to share them. Please share what God has done for you by filling out our form below. Please indicate if you would like to stay anonymous. Below you can find what just a few are saying about God and how Lifeline played a part.


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  • We started paying tithes from our business 1 year ago.  Even when we didn't have a profit, we paid a minimum amount. God has literally opened the windows of heaven so much that the tithe is now 7 times more than the minimum we started with. God is faithful!!!
  • I finally got a new clean, decent paying job with benefits. As you know I have worked a variety of jobs but with God's will he provided me perseverance, wisdom to keep going and blessed me more than I ever imagined.  I am very thankful and grateful!!
  • Reminds me that God's Holy Spirit breathes and leads me as long as I listen.  He is the "Word"!  I thank God for my new transplant.
  • God has led us to this church, where we feel comfortable to worship together.  We can feel His power and love in the Congregation.  Looking forward to many years here.
  • I am thankful for a renewed desire to read God's word and to let it lead, guide, refresh and truly be my daily bread.
  • Gave me a healthy beautiful grand baby girl. Made my daughters delivery safe and easy. Helped me find my new home. My friend opened up to me and told me how important I am to her. Gave my boyfriend a new job and opportunity at a career.